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Advising on policy


Through various forums we have positioned ourselves to advice on industrial policy related to industry we are working with. this is not limited to the fire industry, but also into socio-economic policy initiatives.




Stakeholder consultation and management


We understand that we cannot do things on our own, and as such we continue to build and consult various stakeholders in government, business and society to advance the development of our country.




Project identification


There is a challenge in identification of potential project initiatives and as such we are always engaging with government, business and society to identify their pressing needs which we can contribute to.




Programme management


We offer programme management services for initiatives started internally or from external sources.




Sourcing funding


We always actively look for funding opportunities that will transform our country in the medium and long term.


We continuously engage with those that need and also those that provide funding for socio-economic and humanitarian programmes.


Partner with us to fight the challenges together