SAFDA and all its members offer our condolences to the families and friends of all those who passed away in the devastating wildfire recently experienced.

Some of the firefighters who lost their houses and belongings in the fire went beyond the call of duty and continued to work to save others and their property.

We salute all of those brave fire-fighters who put their lives at risk in the quest to save others and their property as well as to preserve our National Heritage of fauna and flora and the effects of fire on planet Earth.


We urge the public to continue making donations to the George Fire Brigade to make their lives easier at these tough times.




Civitas building in Tshwane eventually closed down (October 2018)


After a battle to have the building and safety sorted out since earlier this year, and then fuelled with the incident of the recent fire that claimed the lives of three firemen in Johannesburg, an inspection was done where the building was found to not have working sprinklersas well as a number of other problems associated with health and safety.

Department of health employees celebrated the fact that the Public Servants Association (PSA – ) had eventually managed to get the building closed for human occupation and that their rights as employees were eventually being heard.


SAFDA believe the rights of all citizens in South Africa should be held paramount.