SAFDA understands that it is part of the South African society and as such continues to pursue funding and activities that could change the South African publics life.


The country is crippled by various challenges and we have an option of complaining or rolling up our sleeves and working at solutions. Some of the challenges are categorised as:


Challenge 1: Lack of safe and reliable water supply.


Challenge 2: Lack of or inadequate employment opportunities


Challenge 3: Cost of electricity


Challenge 4: Inadequate housing


Challenge 5: Violence and crime 


We are always looking at how we can contribute to the resolution of these challenges.

One of the solutions is to identify and secure funding that will assist our government to full-fill their most pressing challenges in delivery of infrastructure and social projects.


We are also advocating equity in various industries where there will be transformation and support for those that need it the most.

Socio-economic and humanitarian challenges faced by the country need to be resolved from a developmental perspective that ensure that there are sustainable communities left after the implementation.

South Africa has a very unique humanitarian need, which if addressed will enable the country to support Southern African countries and even African countries. 


SAFDA advocate the proper use of funds, to ensure what these funds are allocated for reaches what they are meant for.


An Association that supports various industries including Government, Provincial Government, Local Government, National Departments, SASSETA, PSiRA, SAQA, QCTO, CIDB, COGTA and all other Stake-Holders for the upliftment of all South Africans including the un-employed.