We support accredited training institutions in the provision of all training initiatives in the country.




We are advocating the introduction of fire training in technical and vocational education training colleges.




We are also supporting the programme of introducing dual-stream vocational and occupational training in technical and vocational education training colleges.




We support a clear career education strategy that is linked to cognitive development principles to higher education.



White Rose Training & Development Institute are currently the only SASSETA accredited training provider for Fire Detection Training
and also providing accredited Recognition of Prior Learning

SAQA USID 254317  Installation of Fire Detection Systems

SAQA USID 254398  Maintenance of Fire Detection Systems

White Rose Automation
T/A White Rose Training & Development Institute

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Module 1 Knowledge of Fire Alarm Detection Components

1.1  What is combustion? 

1.2  Triangle of combustion 

1.3  Fuels 

1.4  Transmission of heat 

1.5  Phases of a fire 

1.6  Static electricity hazards 

1.7  Methods to prevent static electric discharge 

1.8  Preventing fires and explosions 

1.9  What the law says regarding fire detectors 

1.10  Safety distances 

1.11  Fire resistance    

Module 2 Prepare to install Fire Alarm Components

2.1  Planning the cable pull 

2.2   Understanding the difference between Class A and B wiring 

2.3   Class B loops 

2.4   Class A loops 

2.5   Fire alarm systems 

2.6  System components 

2.7  Different cable types 

2.8  Terminals, clamps and lugs 

2.9  Hand tools

Module 3 Install Fire Alarm Components

3.1  Marking out 

3.2  Fixing devices 

3.3  Terminating techniques 

3.4  Criteria for good terminations 

3.5  Trunking 

3.6  Conduits 

3.7  Fire categories 

3.8  System design    

Module 4 Test Fire Alarm

4.1   Control equipment, panel and power supply unit 

4.2   Installers responsibilities 

4.3  Control system installation 

4.4  Mains power connection 

4.5  Batteries

4.6  System testing 

4.7  Testing system functionality (practical test) 

4.8  Documentation and handover

Imvelo 1

Imvelo Care Solutions provide services for Forestry Companies, Nature Reserves, Communities and NGO’s both Nationally and Internationally

Services include:
Fire Management Training Courses

o Basic Fire Fighting Training
o Advanced Fire Fighting Training
o Fire Management Training (Team Leader)
o Prescribed Burning (Fire Breaks Preparation)
o Fire awareness for communities
o Fire Investigation
o Basic Incident command system
o Proto team
o Fire safety in buildings (fire safety in lodges)

Herbicide Applicator (Weed Control)
Chainsaw Operator
Brush Cutter Operator
Community Social investment services
Community projects
Health & Safety Representative
Operational Leadership

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